poverty2security gif and video launched

Over the past few months, the three groups who took part in the original poverty2security project have been working together again. That’s Thrive Teesside from Stockon-on-Tees, the Dole Animators from Leeds, and ATD Fourth World, based in London. It’s been a great chance to come together, get visual, and think about combining ideas for what would really make a difference if we are to effectively tackle poverty in the UK. During a series of workshops, the groups have worked through ideas, and have listened to others about their own ideas for solving poverty. The groups have also developed a gif, which tells the story of their work in recent months, and reaches out to others who might like to get involved in trying to end poverty. You can watch the gif here, combined with some ace music from The Young ‘Uns, who have kindly let us use their fantastic song: ‘you won’t find me on benefits street’.

Do get involved and spread the word using #goodsociety & #makingvoicescount

Together, by joining forces, we believe we can make a real difference.
Thrive Teesside, ATD Fourth World, & Dole Animators, May 2018

Music credit: You Won’t Find Me on Benefits Street (Sean Cooney / David Eagle)
The Young’uns

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